Graphic Design

Cloud Applications Architecture. Web Business Applications. E-Commerce. E-Learning. Content Management. Digital Transformation. Health Information Systems Technologies. IoT.

FrontEnd/Theme Designer

Art Direction. Graphic Design & Illustration. UI/UX Design. Frontend Development. WordPress Themes. UI Kits. Visualization. Multimedia.

Web Design and Dev

Websites. Mobile Web Apps. Desktop. PHP. Python. MySQL. Laravel. Django. jQuery. Javascript. ReactJS. Flutter. Moodle. Cloud Systems. Mobile Web Applications. System Architecture.

Web App Development

The Lord Jesus Christ is my shepherd and He guides me thru this life. Get to know the God I serve and make your heart joyful.

Social Media Graphics

Canva Templates. Adobe Express.
Microsoft Designer.

Moodle E-Learning Dev

Academe and corporate learning
systems using Moodle LMS